HitchFire Grills

From the founders of Tepui, the leader in roof top tents, comes HitchFire Grills, creator of the world’s first purpose built hitch-mounted grill daring you to Grill Where No One Has Grilled Before™. Made for all outdoor enthusiasts seeking to explore off the beaten path, HitchFire introduces the idea of Adventure Grilling™ with our new Forge15 grill; making sure you can enjoy your favorite meal with friends and a view no matter where your trips take you.
We launched the category September 1, 2020 with the Forge 15 model, named for its double high-output 7,500 BTU propane burners. Designed to be attached to vehicles with a standard 2” receiver and built on an articulating swing arm, the grill makes cooking quicker and cleaner than using your old camp grill. The hitch-mounted design keeps the mess out of your vehicle and saves valuable trunk space so you can pack more of the gear you need. With two side tables and integrated bottle opener, the grill is the perfect partner after a long day out. Forget about using that crusty old charcoal campsite grill or juggling food and plates around a tiny backpacking grill.
Inspired by adventure, road trips, and the love of the outdoors, Hitch Fire leads a new category in hitch-based accessories. The rugged, hitch-mounted grills and accessories are purposed-built, made with the highest quality materials, and designed to withstand the roughest weather and toughest conditions for a world full of undiscovered trails and expeditions. It’s not just a grill, it’s Adventure Grilling™.

Fenix Lighting

Fenix Lighting USA is proud to be the official United States distributor of Fenix® lights. Our high-performing, durable, and extremely bright flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, and lanterns are among the world’s most trusted lighting gear. With extensive customer service, wide distribution channels, and limited lifetime warranties, Fenix continues to be a top nationwide lighting brand.
Fenix is most well-known for its ultra-bright, LED, rechargeable lights. Top categories include everyday carry flashlights, tactical flashlights, and headlamps.


BattlBox is a monthly subscription service delivering handpicked survival, camping/tracking and EDC gear.  We buy in large wholesale quantities which allow the boxes to carry a MSRP of up to double the retail cost.  The survival, tactical, and prepping space is a multibillion dollar industry that has seen tremendous double digit growth year over year since 2010.


CanCooker is the simplest, healthiest, and most convenient cooking system available! Simply pack the CanCooker with ingredients and enjoy a mouthwatering, slow-cooked meal in a fraction of the time. Use it indoors and outdoors to cook on a stove stop, campfire, burner or grill!


A roof top tent, or Roofnest, is a whole new way to go car camping! The Roofnest is an aerodynamic fiberglass tent that attaches directly to any roof rack with crossbars and instantly expands to create a cozy, protected bedroom. We are a small company with a big mission – to turn everyone’s car into a camper van.
People really like our products! We have some of the best imagery in the industry and a great brand story. We’ve got an engaging Instagram feed and a Facebook group with a lot of stoke and participation. Customers are fired up and our tents and we are just as psyched as they are. Never worry about where to camp or set up a tent again - buy a Roofnest roof top tent today!


A global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging and advanced portable lighting systems. All along the way, Pelican has stayed true to Dave’s commitment to quality and his vision: Protecting All That You Value. We take great pride in the products we’ve created over the years for police, firefighters, military personnel, photographers and others who have counted on Pelican products to protect their gear and their lives.

Grey Man Tactical

As a Thank You Military, LEO, and First responders get 10% off. Contact below for link.

 After receiving interest in the Rigid MOLLE Panels™ I had made for my own gear, I decided to launch a basic website in 2014 to begin selling them. I worked with local manufacturers from my home state of Louisiana as the demand for expanding the range of RMP™ sizes quickly increased. We performed extensive testing and evaluations in the most adverse and demanding conditions. We then incorporated customer feedback to optimize performance in creating a dependable organizational platform.


For over 50 years, Midland has taken a pioneering role in two-way radio technology, introducing CB radio and 14-channel FRS radio technology to the market. Today, Midland is the leading supplier of two-way radios, weather alert radios and an innovator in emergency radio technology. Headquartered in Kansas City, the heart of the country, Midland prides itself in providing Reliable Communication for Every Adventure.

Zero Breeze

Here at Zero Breeze, we create the world’s coolest portable air conditioner to keep things cool anywhere. We are a bunch of outdoor and camping enthusiast loves camping and living in RV. We know how uncomfortable is when we camping and stay in the tent without air conditioner as indoor. That’s why we created Zero Breeze.
Zero Breeze is the first royalty battery-powered portable air conditioner created by a team with over 10 years of experience in A/C design. It’s a 1100 BTU air conditioner which is capable to cool the environment temperature down from 90F to 72F in a 50 square foot place. We launched our campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo on 2016 and featured on Gizmodo, CNET Japan, HuffPost, New Altas and other 200 media.


WaterLily is a portable power turbine that can harness the power of wind, water, and you to keep your USB and 12V devices and batteries charged, anywhere. WaterLily charges phones, speakers, cameras, battery banks, and even 12V devices, by generating power from rivers and streams, wind, or the emergency hand crank. It is the perfect portable power source for outdoor and off-grid enthusiasts, remote working professionals, emergency preparedness, and for providing inexpensive, clean power in developing nations. Quick and easy setup and fast charging times make WaterLily the perfect solution for all of your off-grid and emergency power supply needs!

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask makes double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles that are backed by a lifetime warranty. We’ll keep water icy cold on a hot sunny beach. And serve up a hot coffee on the chairlift ride. We’ll sit patiently by your camp chair with frosty cold beer while you gather wood for the fire. Or keep you hydrated on a hike: ice, water, go. And five hours later, after driving to the trailhead and climbing 2,000 feet, you’ll still have ice and water while you enjoy the view. We’ll bring you hot tea on misty riverside mornings when the steelhead are running, hot cocoa to coax your kids along a snowy trail, and a refreshing sip of “all-about-you” during Saturday afternoon yoga. We’re not just along for the ride. We’re along to help make the ride awesome.


Bivy Stick is the simple and affordable way to communicate via satellite. With no annual commitment or fees, the Bivy Stick makes it easy and flexible to have peace of mind while adventuring. The Bivy Stick turns your cell phone into a satellite communication device. With access to over 60 satellites in orbit, you can communicate from anywhere in the world. Here is what the Bivy Stick can do.

Roam Media

ROAM Academy classes provide you the mindset, skills, and techniques for purposeful adventure. A membership to ROAM Academy delivers secrets and insights from the world’s top adventure athletes and creatives. In focused classes taught by icons including Cory Richards, Ian Walsh, and Dr. Kelly Starret, you’ll learn from decades of raw experience, backed by real case-studies, drills, methods, and all their summits and failures along the way.


Over 50 years. Over 120 million garments made. And we’re not done.
What started in 1967 as a single contract to make the iconic white Dixie Cup hats for the Navy turned into five decades of dedication and hard work as we grew to become one of the largest single providers of US military apparel in the country. Along the way, we branched out to serve the needs of the law enforcement and public safety communities, as well. We proudly celebrate 50+ years of providing outstanding military, law enforcement and tactical apparel and gear to folks like you who understand what it takes to get the job done right. 
All defined by precision, durability, comfort, and style. We don’t just make the best gear out there. We make it right. RIGHT TO THE CORE.

Raze Energy

Join The Raze Rebellion

Raze Energy takes a giant leap of faith with instilling a high quality formula to bring the consumer a powerful yet sustained, energetic experience to help push your workouts and focus in general to the very next level.

Perfect for anyone at anytime, Raze Energy has become the most popular and best rated energy drink on the market to date with a phenomenal flavor profile that puts most competitors to shame.

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