Air It Up

Updated: May 16

So..... I, like most have had a battle with too much information to make a decision. Onboard air, Portable air, or CO2 tank. Viair, ARB, Smittybilt. Powertank or home made.

Starting off, I made an air hose to reach all four corners. Analog gauge, shut off valve, and sealing chucks. This way you can air up 1,2,3, or all 4 and never worry about loosing air out of an open chuck.

Looking for locations to mount a compressor left me with a couple options. I landed on one, in the engine compartment. This will only work on Hemi powered trucks with a single battery, where the ECM in mounted. I have come up with a bracket to clear all wiring, Air box, Coolant tank and the AC line. This will accommodate ARB twin compressors or possibly others.

Drafted a design in CAD and sent it out to be laser cut.

So, 6 months later...

I finally have the ARB Twin compressor.

After a couple modifications the compressor is mounted, wired, and an air chuck installed. I may add an air tank down the road, but we will see how this goes for now.