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19+ GM 1500 Switch Pros Mount

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Passenger Side Fender mount for SP-9100 and RCR-Force-12 makes running and/or changing  accessory positions a breeze. No more cutting and splicing every time you need to change something, just simply pop the cover off unscrew and move. 

Mounts behind existing hardware and fender support behind the passenger side headlight.

Blue Sea Systems 8 or 12 Terminal block, Spacer, and Clear Polycarbonate cover to connect all of the outputs from the module to the desired accessories. Mounting hardware for terminal block, ground bus bar, and Switch Pros module included.

Black Texture Powder Coated

**Prototype shown, Production model may vary, will be finished in Textured Black Powder Coated**

Lead Times

 Made in the USA.

Add to your Switch-Pros or 4x4sPod system and use code "switches" to save on the bundle.