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Introducing the innovative NH Overland Universal Power Station (UPS) – an innovative solution water-resistant designed to optimize the functionality of your truck bed, Camper, Bed Cap, or Full Canopy. Engineered for seamless integration onto the interior wall of you project, this versatile kit revolutionizes your truck's capabilities. With a localized on/off lighted switch, you know when there is or isn't power.

With a 50A Anderson connector, you can choose the add an extra power outlet of solar charge input. The 12V and USB power outlets empower you to run appliances such as a fridge and conveniently charge your devices. Plus, with the optional voltmeter, you can effortlessly monitor power levels whether your truck is running or powered off.

Pre-assembled for your convenience, each NH Overland UPP simplifies installation with just a few swift, hassle-free steps to install directly into your truck or camper.

Experience unmatched convenience and functionality for your camping or work rig with the NH Overland Universal Power Panel – your all-in-one solution for enhanced power management and trailer connections.

Requires drilling, cutting, and wiring. Mounting hardware, connectors, and fuse included. 

Available options:

Volt Meter, 12v socket, 1 dual USB

12v socket, 2 dual USB

Made to order 7-10 days.