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19+ Ram 2500/3500/ HD 6.4L Compressor Mount

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With a proven track record of reliability, NH Overland proudly introduces the Passenger Side Compressor Mount designed specifically for 19+ Ram 2500/3500 6.4L Hemi-powered trucks with a single battery. This innovative mount offers configurations for ARB Twin, ARB Single, Rough Country Twin, and Single Viair 450C & 480C compressors, along with a mounting location for the ARB Locker Manifold.

Whether you're navigating off-road terrain or enjoying family outings by the lake, onboard air becomes a convenient addition for airing up/down tires or inflating floats. By utilizing the open space on the passenger side fender of your gas-powered Ram 2500/3500, this mount keeps the compressor easily accessible.

To maximize savings, simply add the Single or Twin compressor to your cart and apply code "arbsystem". Don't forget to include the ARB Trigger Wire for seamless integration.

Compatible with AEV Conversions' 19+ Ram 2500/3500 Snorkel Kit and AFE Power Momentum GT and Magnum FORCE air intakes, this mount offers versatile compatibility.

Opt for either raw aluminum or Black Texture Powder Coat finish, both ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. Hardware is included for easy installation of both the mount and ARB Locker Manifold.

For added performance, consider the PULSAR ECU Piggyback Module option, enhancing your truck's capabilities.

Proudly made in the USA, NH Overland delivers superior quality and craftsmanship. Enjoy the convenience of onboard air wherever your adventures take you.